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about us - pony

Personal Ponies is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the belief that the life of a child with disabilities can be immeasurably enriched by having a small pony to love and care for.

Founded in 1986, Personal Ponies has grown into a national organization involving hundreds of volunteers throughout the country.  Our Mission is to make magic in children's lives, to bring smiles and joy in a most unusual way.

A lot of times Children that are differently abled spend a whole lot of time by themselves because they feel different. This is where the ponies “take over.” The ponies do not judge, they don’t care what you look like, how you talk, if you are in a wheelchair or walk with support……because…….There is something special that happens between a pint-sized pony and a child. There is " magic " of this little animal that speaks to a child in its own way!

These ponies help children, adults, seniors and vets to develop a friendship and allows interaction with them. Ponies allow to be groomed, their stalls cleaned (with their help of course), to be fed, walked or just “LOVE” on them. And they give that “LOVE” back.

In 1994, a call from Marianne Alexander inquiring about miniature sheep brought NH into the world of PPL. It also brought pony pals into the PPL world, as ponies are never placed alone; they are always placed with another pony or a companion.

Gail was then asked by Marianne Alexander, the founder of PPL, to join the world of “ponies, magic and smiles”. This started with around 30 Schumann ponies going to new homes all over the country. Many sheep, goats and donkeys went with the ponies for companionship. 22 years later Gail is still the State coordinator for NH, the Regional Director for the North East & MidWest and National Director of Finances and Records.

about us - reiki

Gail works full time at a County nursing home as a unit assistant and has a large farm of around 116 animals, which includes 30 ponies, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, cats, alpacas and 11 dogs. With a farm this large vets costs can become extremely high so Gail has looked into alternative therapies to help reduce the costs. She is an aromatherapist, Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher and Energy healer and all of these have been incorporated into this working farm and to caring for all of the animals.

Gail is a member of many healing organizations and written Reiki modalities of her own. Gail has a Masters,Batchelor of Art and Doctorate. She is a graduate of Energy Healing and Aromatherapy and is a Reverend.

For a list of Gails services and fees please see the page Consults. To learn more about Personal Ponies please visit the national site at www.personalponies.org or contact Gail.